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Echoes of 2019
BY Daniel & Anthony
Does anyone read this? :)

MĂ©moires of Virtus Pro
BY Anthony
A tribute movie featuring the best frags from Byali, Neo, Pasha, Snax, and Taz.

Echoes of 2017
BY Daniel, Anthony, Niklas
Echoes echoes echoes choes choes oes oes es es s....

Echoes of 2016
BY Niklas, Dan, Anthony, Perra
This is Style-Productions' take on some of the best highlights from the professional CS:GO scene of 2016. If we skipped your favorite clip of the year: we're sorry. There's only so much content you can cram into a 10 minute frag movie. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy our rendition of some of the most entertaining clips Counter-Strike had to offer in 2016.

From The Ashes
BY Anthony
A visual experience containing the best frags from the professional and amateur scene. Starring Olof, shox, JW, shroud, pyth, s1mple, and more!

A short frag movie about the professional CS:GO scene featuring mostly highlights from 2015/early 2016.

The comeback movie from cRZYFST after a seven year hiatus.

Less Traveled
BY Xyanide
A short atmospheric fragmovie focusing on unbelievable frags from the pro scene.

The Uprising
BY Xyanide
A fragmovie featuring some of the best frags from the competitive CS:GO scene from 2013-2015.

BY akidos
Reminiscence feature the best 10-15 professional CS:GO highlights/plays of 2014.

The Style Gather 2
BY Anthony
The Style Gather 2 has cometh.

MĂ©moires of Titan
BY Anthony Perfetto
A tribute movie starring Titan eSports' past CS:GO lineup.

cRZYFST's last full-length Counter-Strike movie, made in 6 days.

O' fRoD, the Aftermath
BY Xyanide & cRZYFST
Xyanide's and cRZYFST's collaboration movie about Danny Montaner.

BY Andreas
Andreas' competition movie for the R60 community competition.

Style vs Chillside Episode 4
BY Zaknafein
The 4th episode of Style vs Chillside, which took almost a year to finish, although in many ways this really is more of a movie rather than an episode with it's massive length and wealthy design upgrade.

BY qujon
Inspired by pava/anthony/kala/andrèas

CS 101
BY Anthony
CS 101 by Anthony, the first pure frag movie since 2006, is released.

BY pava
From the creator of CPL 2005 comes a movie about a Norwegian 1.6 player. With stunning image quality, continuous sync, and unbelievable frags, this long await followup from Style-Productions' editor Pava was well worth the wait.

Where Movies Are Made
BY Zaknafein
Zaknafein's interrail movie, featuring himself across Europe through a one month period, put together as a continous music video with ambient and chillout music.

Teh Style Gather: '07 Edition
BY Anthony
We came, we saw, we nearly got attacked by a wedding party and its rabid bride. Jasper Wiese, Niklas Koep, and yours truly Anthony Perfetto embarked (or two of the three did) on a journey to America where they spent 2 seemingly hopeless weeks at my house.

Do We Really Got Style?
BY Style-Productions
This is the official set of videos which the five editors Andréas, Anthony, Pava, Qujon and cRZYFST of Style-Productions created for the team internal competition entitled "Do We Really Have Style?". Further information about the videos to find in the main profile for the competition, the respective news post and the various readmes included in the video archives.

Meretrix is a presentation movie featuring the clan fnaZk. It is split up into two parts: the first part is a 3-minute long CG-introduction of the clan fnaZk, the members are presented in full 3D by FarmerJoe's. The second part is a high paced frag highlight section edited by Lasen, to add an extra dimension to the movie they added several 3D animations in the fragpart.

CPL Winter 2005
Probably Style-Productions' most awaited frag movie in the course of the crew's existance. The movie emerged by the hands of Jasper 'pava' Wiese and Andréas 'ibiz' Bengtsson who both spent 6 long months of non-stop work to realize this major project that was supposed to catapult Style-Productions out of the torrid period concerning movie releases. After the movie had been released, the CPL officially advertised for the movie on their main page what additionally underlines the quality of this movie.

Catch the Future
Catch the Future has hit the shelves, featuring the accomplishments of Team Catch-Gamer, all the way from its meager beginnings to its status of a world-class team. The movie has been produced by Jasper 'pava' Wiese, director of CPL Winter Extreme Championships 2004, in cooperation with Catch-Gamer's very own team leader Jonas Alsaker 'bsl' Vikan.

BY cristal
A movie featuring some of the most impressive frags ever seen in an Unreal Tournament 2004 movie, all performed by the community of In connection with great editing Ă  la cristal aswell as the typical cristal music choice, this movie became one of the most liked UT2k4 movies of today's times. Cristal also was so kind to encode the movie both as XviD and x264 version to leave no wishes unfulfilled for the audience.

ESWC Female 2005
This is the first full length frag movie created by kaRpae, produced by Style-Productions. The object of interest is the official movie about the female version of the Electronic Sports World Cup 2005. The event took place in Paris, France and gave the girls a chance to proof that CS is not a men dominated domain. Some really entertaining frags mixed with kaRpae's clean editing and an enjoyable soundtrack leave no doubt that this movie will please most of its viewers.

This was RiCH's first and only official release wearing the Style tag. Starrings in the movie are some of RiCH's friends pulling off some insane shots for your viewing pleasure. Overall a well edited movie, heavy music as we know and like to see from RiCH, athletic insertions provided my CodiOne and pictures of boys ... If you still hesitate to download this male masterpiece, you should check your heartbeat.

XeqtR - I Don't Play
A movie featuring the famous Norwegian player Jorgen 'XeqtR' Johannessen from former teams such as eoLithic, Team9 and NoA. In the time before his retirement from competitive CS, XeqtR was definitely one of the best and most influential players in the international world of Counter-Strike, gathering many awards with every team he has been playing with. As to expect, the video features a bunch of incredible frags against top teams from all around the world, composited in a fluent movie underlined by a great soundtrack.

RixHack 2005
Official movie about the Scandinavian LAN tournament RixHack, held in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2005. The movie was planned and created by Andréas 'ibiz' Bengtsson and features the best frags from teams such as NiP, clan-it, Marvel, Skolpojkarna2 or Wings. What you can expect is a movie with a really atmospheric intro and outro, some charming effects aswell as a stylish soundtrack by various known musicians, mixed to one fluent track by Andréas himself.

Obliterate, created by Riner, is Style-Production's first official release dealing with Quake 3 so far. Outstanding frags, an exciting soundtrack and a dense atmosphere: Obliterate has it all - one reason why it was considered one of the best Quake movies out there at the time of its release. Riner's appealing way to present the content and the overall impression really satisfied every member of SP when the movie finally hit the net.Riner created a movie that turned out to be a real burner which you should not miss or at least feel ashamed if you miss it nevertheless.

Rendezvous XIV
The official movie about's very own LAN tournament Rendezvous XIV (14), first release of the former Style member Wangebo behind the frontiers of Style-Productions. The movie radiates because of decent editing, some impressing frags from top teams against top teams and some IRL clips from the tournament itself. Even if the movie is quite old and short, it's still worth the download to entertain its viewers for the few minutes of the running time.

CPL Winter 2004
Pava's movie about the CPL Winter Championships 2004 which took place in Dallas, Texas. The intercontinental team NoA (XeqtR, Naikon, shaGuar, elemeNt, method) had to face the Swedish team Eyeballers in the finals which they managed to win in a thrilling match on de_inferno. This movie sums up the best frags from the whole event aswell as from the finals. Converse to many other CS movies, the movie has a significantly clean style without any special or elaborated effects but is more focused on the frags and the atmosphere.

The Arena
The Arena was the first movie ibiz released in Style-Productions. After having released the trailer for 'The Arena' as a freelancing movie maker of 14 years in age, pava recruited Andréas for Style. This movie was basically what catapulted Andréas into more renowned regions in the world of movie making, presenting a frag movie of furious pace and action. A frag movie in all its purity, casting a wide field of frags performed by amateur players out of Scandinavia and put under by breathtaking tunes from Overseer - so far to sum up what to expect from ibiz' well-known 'The Arena'.