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Cow Eat Gras
BY Zaknafein
Fun movie about COW, or clan Underdark, with bloopers and other fun shit.

BY Zaknafein
This was my first CS movie release since 2006.

BY Anthony
The 2006 frag/machinima mix movie by Anthony that subsequently got him recruited into Style.

The Arena 2 Trailer Beta
BY Andréas
And again, a beta, this time we take it to the next level though. This here is actually the beta version of the trailer for a project Andréas canceled quite a while ago - The Arena 2, apparently the sequel to a movie called "The Arena" which, oh sweet merciful God, what a coincidence, was made by Style's very own Andy, too. If I'm not completely off here it was his first release in Style-Productions. The trailer beta, even shorter in length than the SNL beta, looked so promising to us that we would have had to live with a real burden here if we wouldn't have decided to let the general audience take a glance at this, in my eyes, masterpiece, even for an unfinished first draft. The line "logoz'n shit" wrote Style history in the moment the crew was granted access to this fine piece of work Andy had put together in a remarkably short amount of time. Another reason why we just had to release it to the Style fans out there who are still waiting for another full-length release of our cutest Göteborg inhabitant in Style... not only because he's the only one.

Saturday Night Live Beta
BY Qujon
This here is yet another beta release from Style-Productions, yes, we know, it's getting boring, but why hold back a more than 3 and a half minutes long, unfinished piece of film that can easily keep up with the most recent releases? I don't see a reason, so here we go. Edited by Qujon who, what a surprise, grew tired of the project, mainly because the expected amount/quality of demos wasn't exactly what the orgas of the Saturday Night Live tournaments had promised.

The Machine
BY Anthony
1.6 frag movie featuring Spidey, some random kid on the internet. Includes music from Filter, Warp Brothers, and Toby Mac.

Easter Egg:

Remade the intro 3 times. The movie only lasts 9 minutes, but took me 5 months to finish due to the intro.

The full soundtrack can be heard in an extremely shortened form in Requiem.

Requiem Trailer (Misc.)
This is the original teaser trailer to the movie, Requiem. This teaser trailer opened many people's eyes to my skill and diversity and ultimately lead to my recruitment into Aprod.

Dreamscape 2 Beta (Misc.)
The official beta release of Daniel Xyanide Hagelin's canceled project called Dreamscape 2. The movie was planned to be released in Style-Productions first but Daniel left Style for Chillside where he finally released an official trailer for the movie. Now being back in Style and the movie being officially canceled, he decided to release the beta clip he had been working on in the meantime.

Flawless (Misc.)
BY Daniel
A movie I entered the Fragbite Movie Awards '05 with. Spent some time with the intro, the fragpart was made during the night before the dead line for the contest. Had to make the movie out two demos that had Fragbite had chosen, so don't expect super frags.

Physical Beta (Misc.)
This is something I made 3 years ago, it was never finished and I never released it. The main idea was to create a presentation for my current clan, physical.