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#1chandler 7. October 2006 21:07
Last time i checked, the in-eye height is the same for all resolutions..
#2daniel Style-Productions 7. October 2006 21:24
Not for HLTV, if you remove the borders the text will be at the very top.
#3qwfqgqgwq 16. October 2006 21:57
what if we use 960x600
#4daniel Style-Productions 16. October 2006 22:23
Then you could try open the .res file and changing TALL (should be only one TALL that got a value) until you get the height you want.
#5Speedz0r 17. October 2006 14:19
i'm using it at 800x600 and it isn't working no matter how many times i've tried to remove the borders it never works and iv'e tried it several different ways..
#6N1K N1K Media 9. November 2006 14:27
what is hltv borders? :P
#7Bilbo 22. November 2006 14:12
THose black borders on the bottom and the top, where where you can see the nick of the player you're following, and so on.

Last changed: 22. November 2006 14:12
#8sazike Alien Productions 25. November 2006 11:56
nice, it works :)
#9chandler 21. December 2006 13:29
#2 with my comment it means #2 with my comment i state that the in eye height of the game messages are at the same height for all resolutions... there for you don't need different versions to get the right hight of the HLTV bars in different resoutionsthat you
#10daniel Style-Productions 22. December 2006 15:20
It's not the same for me. You might be changing another value than I am? I've always used "Tall" as far as I remember none of the other parameters worked for this purpose.

Anyhow... with tall the text won't be on the same height as in-eye when you change resolutuon, so you have to change it everytime you change resolution.
#11Arild1990 30. January 2007 19:08
nice, it actually works :)
#12NaMkLiM 13. February 2007 05:05
it doesnt support other resolutions ? :/
#13daniel Style-Productions 2. March 2007 01:57
It does but I haven't made any for the other resolutions, you can do it yourself by just changing the Tall value on the file.

Just open it with Notepad and edit it.
#14Proto kittiez 13. March 2007 19:53
Does this work for CZ? (I know I know)
#15daniel Style-Productions 20. March 2007 10:53
I'm not sure, probably. Just give it a try.
#16daNtEk 10. May 2007 18:14
yay works now

Last changed: 12. May 2007 14:21
#17RJZonez 4. July 2007 20:29
hehe, I like it ! but could u make the resulution 1920 x 1200? plx :D
#18ail 15. July 2007 21:06
Is there any specify file for 960x600?
#19krissi 17. July 2007 14:35
I've tried all resolutions but none of them works :o. What can i do to take this thing off, plz help.
#20krisdkiller 30. August 2007 15:34
*edited* Working now :)

Last changed: 30. August 2007 15:44
#21Deam adMovies 10. January 2008 17:07
It did not work for me. Tryed everything :S
#22Peruco 15. January 2008 05:59
I DIDNT WORK ALSO FOR ME on CZ... but nice try
#23skullzy 27. March 2008 22:29
in the folder resource create another folder and name it UI then place the files in there
#24novag 31. May 2008 22:10
Daniel ... Det funket ikke til meg? :S hvorfor ikke? HLTV reklamen osv var der fortsatt :/
#25nate13 4. June 2008 01:05
Mine doesn't seem to be working... Any suggestions? Extracted it into my resource folder. Do I need to place my demos in there too?

Nevermind, needed to restart CS : P

Last changed: 4. June 2008 01:07
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