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Revolutionary tool hits the scene!

Written by daniel on 14. October 2006 19:56

At the end of 2005 a guy called Mirvin_Monkey created a plugin for Half-life based game (such as Counterstrike, Team Fortress Classic, Day of Defeat, etc). This tool was originally made for "Team Fortress Classic" but works just as well with any other HL-mod.

The tool called Mirv Demo Tool has been existing underground and you have probably seen movies where it has been used. Remember that movie that had perfect masking, awesome cams or maybe really cool angles? Yepp you figured it out, they have probably all been made with this tool.

We have made video-guides for Mirv’s three prime functions:

- Tracking
- Matte Effects
- Zooming

These three simple yet fantastic functions will open up a new door to thousands of new effects and cams, but it’s up to you to figure them out!

One thing is certain though, CS (and other HL-based) movies will never look the same again.

Please note that it can be considered a cheat on some servers, therefore remove it before online playing!

Click on the Guide names for Download of the guides and the tool.

Some Anti-virus might give a warning on the file but as reported by us and other members; it's not infected.

#1pava Style-Productions 14. October 2006 19:59
fantastic tool, quake aint got shit on cs now ;)

ok it does :( but its a start!
#2Fenom Chillside 14. October 2006 20:04
Great! Never heard of this before :P
#3pava Style-Productions 14. October 2006 20:05
Almost nobody have, but you have definetely seen it used. it has been used in a very famous movie :>
#4Dec HLAE 14. October 2006 20:07
#5Fenom Chillside 14. October 2006 20:12
#3 Let me guess.. JAEGARN X or CPL '05? :P
#6fsk Style-Productions 14. October 2006 20:12

Sounds cool.
#7pava Style-Productions 14. October 2006 20:12
nah #5, none of them :)
#8subz 14. October 2006 20:12
so which is the very famous movie ?
#9daniel Style-Productions 14. October 2006 20:17
If you have seen it, you will figure out. Anyway talk about the tool instead of the movies. :)

Hope you like the guides!
#10RatQuiRit Easy Productions 14. October 2006 20:21
omg it was made for dod and I wasn't aware of it !

i'm actually more excited than when I bought last Horse The Band album
#11FistOr Easy Productions 14. October 2006 20:23
oh my god, it's what alot of counter strike moviemakers was waiting for

thank alot guys to share this o/

Last changed: 14. October 2006 20:23
#12slayer 14. October 2006 20:28
omfg I sooo love this the matte effect is amazing :D
#13RatQuiRit Easy Productions 14. October 2006 20:30
please tell me WHO made it so I can pm him and give him virtual hugs
#14Alkaline 14. October 2006 20:30
I'll check it out, and post what I think about it later.

Last changed: 14. October 2006 20:31
#15anjers iceCake 14. October 2006 20:40
sk believe anyone?!

Last changed: 14. October 2006 20:41
#16xyanide Style-Productions 14. October 2006 20:43
Jeez, when I quit the cs-scene a magnificant plugin gets released :/
#17pava Style-Productions 14. October 2006 20:44
I dont see a contract xya, imo it would be a nice comeback ;DD
#18RatQuiRit Easy Productions 14. October 2006 20:46
I don't believe you didn't use it to make dreamscape 2 xya ^^

btw comeback and finish DS2 ! (and don't forget to cut the end of the song because what we hear in the beta owns but i don't like the rest of it, thanks)

Last changed: 14. October 2006 20:48
#19ep0x 14. October 2006 20:47
amazing program =] I realy know realy a lot about moviemaking , but i have never heard about this tool . This was big secret ....
#20Alkaline 14. October 2006 20:51
Well I watched the tutorial and it looks like you can do some amazing stuff with it. I must say movie making is about to get crazy!
#21anjers iceCake 14. October 2006 21:06
this will be -VERY- helpfull, tnx :P
#22Bac Chillside 14. October 2006 21:12
gotta try this one out...
#16, you can start again
#23rich hillbillyjunkies 14. October 2006 21:13
"Remember that movie that had perfect masking, awesome cams or maybe really cool angles?"

Yep, it was made by Xyanide and I doubt he used this tool :)

Sounds cool though!

Last changed: 14. October 2006 21:31
#24Fenom Chillside 14. October 2006 21:14
#16 One reason to start again then :D
#25stevester 14. October 2006 21:19
rofl what a piss off. for the past month ive been making a movie where i had transfered all my textures to green rofl
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