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Interview with F1sCo

Written by daniel on 10. December 2006 19:43

Interview with F1sCo the winner of Style's first movie competition. We talk about F1sCo's future plans, what made him apply for the contest and more.

Hello F1sCo, could you please start with introducing yourself?

Hi my name is Jonas 'F1sCo' Wild. I am 17 years old and live in Remscheid in Germany and visit the 12th form of the Ernst Moritz Arndt - Gymnasium. I'm a moviemaker for 4 years now. I am a passional cs-player as well and so i got the idea to realize my own videos. My first movies (which were never released) were strongly inspired by the restock movies by Michael 'kala' Weicker who made the best German videos at this time. Until now I made 11 releases overall 10 of them were cs-movies. I got much positive and much negative resonance as well, which helped me to become better and better. But I have the time for some real live as well ^^.

I play tennis in a club in Remscheid and like to do almost every sport. I play drums for 5 years now and with some friends together in some kind of hobby-band.

You took home the first Style Movie Competition. How does it feel? Did you think you had a chance to come in the top 3 when you submitted?

Well, it feels good to know that my movie was chosen under all submissions to be the best and I am happy that this movie which was an experiment to find a new style with my movies seems to be liked because my previous movies were only accepted as lifted standard by the most.

When I submitted, to be honest, I knew that my hope to become winner wasn't absolute unrealistic but i didn't estimate it.

Your movie was in a close battle with a two other movies. What do you think made your movie take the longer straw?

I think the new style made it. It is no linear fragmovie but a movie that is supposed to make the viewer feel that every cut on every beat and the order of the scenes is planned and meant to be as it is while even so showing good scenes in a adequate way, maybe a bit like in a music-video. I'll see if this gambling is correct when the two other movies are released...^^

What can we expect from you in the future (in terms of gaming-movies)?

I'm thinking of making my future movies in this or a modified way of the style seen in my competition movie. What this movies will be about is unsure right now 'cause I havent begun with any future project.

Can we expect to see you in the next Style Movie Competition?

I really don't know. It depends on the freetime I will have when this competition starts 'cause If the competition would start right now I would definitely say no because I'm stressed by tests to write in school and don't have much freetime this days.

What convinced you to participate in our competition although you knew there were no material prizes like mousepads, headsets, etc. given away for the winner(s)?

I just had time for it and I wanted to make a movie at this time but hadn't any idea. I just thought that it would be nice to take part because i never did before in any movie competition and I thought to have a realistic chance to get under the top 10.

Do you think it is fair to mix games in a movie competition like this?

Yes I do, but I don't think that the mixture of 3 or 4 games in one single movie is too productive 'cause many people perhaps tried or will try to mix them though they are only skilled in making movies about one of those games just to include everything in their video that they are allowed to.

I think the quality of the submissions will raise if the participations have to chose one game for their movie.

Any shout-outs you would like to give?

No thanks. I'm not in the mood to shout...;)
#1Kung seven productions 10. December 2006 19:47
great interview, great moviemaker
#2essR 10. December 2006 20:00
n1 i-view
#3slize Elegato 10. December 2006 20:31
#4senteR 10. December 2006 20:47
(Edited, English only.)

Last changed: 11. December 2006 00:34
#5Davids9N 10. December 2006 21:02
(Edited, English only.)

Last changed: 11. December 2006 00:34
#6id_films Creative Movies 11. December 2006 10:27
nice movie i like it gj #0
#7s0nkite* 12. December 2006 06:46
i think its not fair to mix games cause when i saw the quake 3 movie maybe the cameras were hard but i dont know if they were cause i dont know quake3 moviemaking
in a quake movie i dont even understand if the rocket is from the game r from the moviemaker rofl
#8napalm CND Productions 12. December 2006 15:12
#9wILLYBOB 13. December 2006 15:42
congratz F1sCo
#10fsk Style-Productions 14. December 2006 12:51
#7 you can still compare the movies all fine. Your lacking knowledge of Quake is not the movie nor the competitions fault :)

Nice interview ;>
#11xyanide Style-Productions 14. December 2006 13:32
#7 since the stylecrew is the judge it doesnt really matter if you understand or not ^^
#12s0nkite* 14. December 2006 22:44
yeah thats what i m saying danniel asked if fismo thinks its fair to have mixed games and i told my opinion to that and fisco thought in 1 single movie ROFL

Last changed: 15. December 2006 01:18
#13fsk Style-Productions 15. December 2006 12:31
#11 that too.
#14F1sCo 15. December 2006 13:07
#12 you are ridiculous. you think i'm not able to understand the question ?
as you can read (if u can) i wrote that i think its fair to mix the games in one contest BUT I dont think it would be good to mix more games in 1 video as it was allowed in this contest, too. but np hi @ moviemakers buisness as usual...

Last changed: 15. December 2006 13:08
#15s0nkite* 20. December 2006 20:38
hahahha ok
#16r Style-Productions 22. December 2006 02:06
Everytime I see F1sco's name I hear, "That thong tha-thong thong thong." I'm cursed.
#17F1sCo 25. December 2006 20:01
what'd you mean ? :D
#18r Style-Productions 27. December 2006 04:55
Sisco is a music artist in the states. He made a song 7 years back called "The Thong Song". Fisco/Sisco sound the same.

Last changed: 27. December 2006 04:55
#19F1sCo 27. December 2006 14:35
ahh i see...^^
never heard this song so... ;)
#20napalm CND Productions 6. January 2007 06:14
i remeber that one.
that was while i was in nyc... and on the wtc btw ;p
#21H-L 25. March 2007 15:14
no wonder ur name is napalm ~_~ made you think of terrorism :o(although i don't really know if napalm bombings are terro attacks) =P
#22muschlnudl X2-Media 9. August 2007 20:45
okay CrazyManiac : /
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