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Style Releases Old Betas/Clips Part 1

Written by r on 1. January 2015 19:24

In our early years, there was a time when moviemaking consumed our daily activities. When we weren’t in school, we were at the helm of our keyboard and mouse creating art the only way we knew how. During this period, there were a plethora of clips and movies that never reached the eyes of the public, as they were seen unfit for release according to our standards. Today, we begin to reveal some of the things we’ve kept locked away. In this first part, you’ll see a few early stage work from Pava, Xyanide, and Cristal.

Meet Your Maker Beta by Pava

Remember the time Pava tried to make a CS:1.6 movie about the famous clan Meet Your Maker, but then he quit and tried to make a CS:S movie called Genocide, but then he quit and then he realized he just didn’t want to make gaming movies anymore? This is that CS:1.6 movie.

MYM Beta

O’fRoD, The Aftermath Beta by Xyanide

Remember the time Xyanide was also making the frag part of fRoD’s movie with cRZYFST, but then he got bored and quit, but then cRZYFST got annoyed and Xyanide decided to make the intro, but then took like 2 months to make a ~1 minute intro? This is that fragpart.

OFTA Frag Beta

In Memory of Highland Online Alternative Clip by Xyanide

Remember the time Xyanide made a movie about.. oh forget it. He’s a clip from HighLand Online that Xyanide made testing out a different song with the same concept from the final version.

IMoHLO Alternative Clip

Get Quaked 4 Beta by Cristal

cristal wrote:
I started making an intro for a q3-fragvid, tried programming/saving cams in mme importing it to different maps (which worked to some extent with some tweaking, which fucked up the cams and the results were TERRIBLE). I spent a lot of time on that, it all went to shit, and this was the end of motivation and by that also my (first) editing career.

Im not bitter that i didn't finish this project, since that meant starting from scratch with 0 motivation. I am fucking bitter that i didn't save the frags/that its possible to get them and convert them into QL, since they were fucking great (too bad the awesome frags aren't shown in the short clip). So, if u wanna see this please take a look, its barely a beta, but if its to anyones interest, feel free. That song is good at least. And the frags after that intro should've been good, haha.

He’s pretty bitter.

GQ4 Beta

O’ fRoD, The Aftermath Fragpart Beta 2 by Xyanide

This is another fragpart Xyanide started working on for his section in the O’ fRoD movie. You’ll notice this particular beta if you saw the trailer to the movie.

OF v2 Beta

Get Quaked 4 Beta 2 by Cristal

An alternative intro and title screen for Get Quaked 4.

GQ4 v2 Beta

Untitled Q3 Beta by Cristal

If you’ve been missing some beauty in your life, you may want to download this one ASAP. Cristal takes the best of Imogen Heap and transforms it into a 1.5 minute masterpiece. We surely lament the fact that Cristal never finished this.

#1akidos Style-Productions 1. January 2015 19:34
Very cool! Will watch everything later today!
#2Dec HLAE 1. January 2015 22:23
Kewl. Shit, feels odd and complicated downloading clips again...
#3bKr[ME] 1. January 2015 23:10
i'm feeling nostalgic.. thanks for this sharing :)
#4Krpi Neebs 2. January 2015 03:32
There could've been a Get Quaked 4?!

Now I'm bitter.
#5H-L 3. January 2015 16:17
#6rich hillbillyjunkies 5. January 2015 12:58
krumkaka the best kaka
#7SavagE 5. January 2015 18:07
THe alt intro is great! SHame about GQ4!
#8shiz 6. January 2015 21:41
big thumbs up for this
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