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Past Style Betas Part 2

Written by r on 7. January 2015 01:49

Welcome to Part 2 of a 3 part series where we release old clips and early betas of past work that never saw the light of day. The theme of this part is “1.6 Extravaganza!” We have 8 more betas for you guys, 7 of which are from when Counter-Strike didn’t inflict butthurt on gamers everywhere (I’m looking at you Global Offensive). Enjoy earlier editing from Cristal, cRZYFST, and Zaknafein.

Qiang Shi – Buddha Q3 Freestyle Intro Beta

This little gem is from cristal, I think, and shows a stylish intro for a barely started Q3 freestyle movie. Much disappoint. Such let down. Very wow.

Q3 Beta

O’ fRoD, The Aftermath Frag Beta by cRZYFST

Back when cRZYFST was having various identity crises throughout the making of O’ fRoD, this beta was procured from editing fRoD’s frags to an earlier song choice. Basic sync and cutting will be the only thing you find in this moderately long clip.

OFTA Frag Beta

Connolly Frag Beta by cRZYFST

Remember the time cRZYFST was making a movie about that one guy from Meepins, but then he got bored and made Eve instead? God, we’re glad he did. If you look at :41 in this clip, you may see the very first rendition of the notorious transition at 1:24 in Eve. Did you know that the unannounced title of this movie was going to be “Overdose” or “OD” because Connolly was a steadfast fan of The Marijuana? Now you do.

OD Beta

Fly Away Beta by Cristal

cristal wrote:
I made a CS-vid back in -04 or -05 called flyaway, before i started to edit q3. lololol. I had grand visions, got disappointed, released it.

Still better than half the stuff released today, Viktor. Don’t fret.

Fly Away Beta

Connolly Frag Beta 2 by cRZYFST

Judging by the name of this particular clip’s url, cRZYFST was not enjoying the editing process of this movie. Another Connolly beta awaits you, this time to the tune of NiN’s famous song since featured in the original 300 trailer. Again, some ingenious editing by our little German buddy.

OD Frag Beta 2

Style vs Chillside: Star Wars Trailer Beta by Zaknafein

Can you imagine if Zakna actually finished this? Oh the possibilities. Oh laughs that could be had. Oh the selfishness. Our happiness is paramount here, Zakna. The f*ck were you thinking cancelling this?

SvsCS:SW Beta

Underdark 2 Intro and Bloopers by Zaknafein

Zaknafein wrote:
I always wished I finished this. Underdark was my #Pubmasters, and we had so much fun. I recorded a ton of stuff, and still have the low quality clips around. Strangely, I often got inspiration to try out different editing takes, but never attempted to make a whole movie. Therefore, Underdark 2 only exist in multiple beta segments. Editing is relatively poor in all of them.
The only “serious” editing to ever come out of the Underdark 2 project was the Underdark 2 Trailer, released ages ago, supposedly by PK. I still think this trailer is descent, but the movie itself was never made.

So much regret in just one paragraph.

#1Krpi Neebs 7. January 2015 03:49
Star Wars looked incredible!

Stop this Anthony. Why are you showing us all these wonderful things that could have been while we live in this land of pain and sorrow? STOP PLAYING WITH OUR FEELINGS

#2Dec HLAE 7. January 2015 09:34
Feels like Fly Away could've become something great.

The space of Star Wars reminded me of the MoT title scene ^^
#3rzyx HLTVorg 10. January 2015 02:39
ehm, Youtube links? :|
#4shiz 10. January 2015 03:08
too lazy to wait 5min and dl? ffs
#5r Style-Productions 10. January 2015 03:12
Kids these days
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